How to do it!

Many of the road riders I talk to are new to road cycling and feel nervous about riding in groups. If you have not come up through organized group rides or racing then riding in a group can feel claustrophobic. I have also found myself riding in groups where they have developed their own way of riding together but it is not cohesive with what you will find in most experienced groups. Everyone should do themselves, and more importantly, the people they ride with, a favor and read this page:  It is the most succinct explanation of single, rotating and double pacelines I could find.

And remember: no surging, no hard braking and don't overlap wheels. Surging is the number one offense I see when riding. If you pick up the pace when it is your turn to hit the front then the group behind you has to accordion and the poor soul who just pulled off the front will have a hard time grabbing the tail of the group.

Don't feel embarrassed to ask for help or advice in a group. Any cyclist who turns their nose up at your request for help is just insecure.

Now get out there and enjoy this weather!