Time for some of the good stuff.

It has been a while since I have posted any bike porn. So here you go...

The Wilier CentoUno Superleggera with full Campy Super Record 11 and the new Firecrest 404 wheels. Yes, that is a very limited edition Lampre ProTour team frame complete with logos under the clear coat. This is a custom build we put together and I have been drooling around this bike.

So, is this one of the best looking race bikes I have seen in person? Yes. And unfortunately I got to ride it. I say unfortunate because now my own (quite nice by any standard) road bike doesn't seem as awesome. I have been riding, racing, working in shops and working for bike companies for just about 25 years and this bike stands out as one of the absolute best bikes I have ridden. You should come by the shop and see it in person. 

I think a Ciao is appropriate.