Yeah, we got that cool stuff.

I pinched this list of who is riding what off

If you have not seen the beautiful bikes from Ridley and Wilier Triestina in person, you are missing out. We have a good selection of both in the shop right now. Before you consider another "cookie cutter" bike (you know, the same stuff you see all the time on the road... yawn) you should see what the smaller companies have to offer. Our products page has links to most of our suppliers if you are curious. 

Most of the truly innovative and exciting companies are too small to afford Pro Tour team sponsorships. BH bicycles is a brand that has pushed carbon frame and compact geometry (a giant company that starts with a G copied their early compact offerings) development since the beginning. Another example of an exciting bike that is perfect for most "normal" riders but is not a Pro Tour race machine is Volagi