Eating on the go...

I have cut-n-pasted the following from the Cyclingnews Fitness Q&A section. Our better weather is coming along and with it I hope you will be able to pile on some miles. Feeling good on the bike is all about combining fitness and fuel. If you don't eat right (or the more common problem - enough) it won't matter how fit you are after about 90 minutes or riding.
Carry enough food that you can begin eating about 45 minutes in and have a big bite every 15-20 minutes throughout the event or session. A total of 250-350 calories per hour works for most athletes but you'll have to find your own level. More is better so long as you don't end up feeling full or bloated. 
Recommended Training and Racing Foods (Test any possible race food in training several times before using it in a race. Race foods need to be easy to open, not too messy, easy to digest and tasty enough that you will eat them with enthusiasm. )
Fig bars
Boiled potatoes (in plastic bag with salt) 
Yams (Microwaved until very soft) 
Dry fruit 
Sandwiches (PB & J, Jam and cheese, meats only on cold days) 
Energy bars (but not protein, zone or balance bars) 
Energy gels (but plan to use one every 20-30 minutes once you start) 
Fresh fruit (tends to be low-calorie so combine with other foods) 
Cookies Banana/Zucchini or other bread-cakes
Recommended Training and Racing Drinks (Test any possible race drink in training several times before using it in a race. Race drinks need to contain carbohydrate and electrolytes and taste good enough that you will drink them with enthusiasm): 
Any athletic energy drink (not recovery or protein drink), Diluted fruit juice with a small pinch of salt.