You think that is cold?

Somehow the shop moving locations ended up partially happening during my vacation.  Poor me...  The good news is things are going fast and we should be open at the new location soon.

After a few days of schleping bikes and building fixtures in the new shop I headed for locations south with the family.  I hooked up with a local shop in Newport Beach for the Saturday morning ride.  It was hilarious to see a bunch of cyclist decked out in cold weather tights, shoe covers, gloves and hats when the ride started at 50 degrees and got a bit warmer through the day.  That ain't cold!  I think they would die in our 37 degree fog.  The theme continued there and in San Diego with the locals shivering in their down vests and beanies at 55 degrees.  It is a good thing they live where the weather is pretty much perfect all the time.

The Saturday ride turned out to be a good group and I ended up doing 97 miles, which I was in no way physically prepared for.  I haven't bonked that hard in a long time.  The last 15 miles was autopilot and I'm sure it wasn't pretty.  But after a few weeks of valley freeze & fog, how could I stop riding?  Another 60 miles two days later in beautiful 60 degree sunshine was the icing on the cake.  If you don't mind (a lot) of cars, there is some great winter riding down south.

I hope they got a lot of moving work done while I was gone!