Gaze upon this!

 Almost too pretty to ride.  Almost.  This is the new Ridley Damocles ISP in flat black.  The ISP version is not on the USA website yet but we have already had few come in and go out to happy customers.  The build is Campy Super Record 11 with Reynolds carbon wheels.  The scale says 15 lbs and 2 oz with cages and computer mount.

I took this one out for about 2 hours this morning and I learned several important things:

1.  You can tell yourself all day long that there is not a big difference between different high end carbon bikes.  And you will be wrong all day long.  I have ridden a LOT of bikes and this bike is carbon done right.
2.  I ride SRAM and I like it.  Campy is more refined.
3.  Don't try a set of Reynolds carbon wheels unless you want to buy some.  These wheels are incredibly smooth and fast.
4.  I love this bike.  This might be the best bike I have ridden in my entire life.  I love this bike.

The adjectives used to describe bikes are abused.  According to the press hype, all carbon bikes are light, efficient, nimble and comfortable.  Some are a few of those things (and some are none) but very few genuinely hit all four.  The new Damocles hits all four on the head and adds a truckload of sexy looks.  We sell a lot of nice bikes at Cycle Path and this one has really impressed me.

You can click on the small pictures for larger bike-porn goodness.