Some ride routes

I often have people ask me about local ride routes and locations so I am going to start posting some of those here. These are just a few that came immediately to mind. I might post a few more again later.
  • This 54 mile loop has become one of my favorites. You can do the loop in either direction. The ride starts at Shaw & Academy. It is best to park along Shaw east of Academy and not in the commercial center parking lots.
  • 26 mile out+back ride from Cycle Path to the Millerton Store
  • Hilly 41 mile out+back ride from Cycle Path to the end of Sky Harbor Rd.  There is some good climbing on this one.
  • Very popular 63 mile loop from Copper and Willow intersection.
Fine Print: Riding your bike is dangerous. Period. You can fall down, get run over by a truck, get run off the road by a distracted driver (or on purpose), get lost, accidentally swallow a bug or any other multitude of wicked and terrible things can happen to you. You are taking your life into your own hands and you are responsible for it. Don't go looking to blame or sue someone because you went outside to have fun and ended up getting hurt. The world is a dangerous place so if you feel litigatious please go away from this blog, do not attempt any ride I have suggested, roll yourself in bubble wrap and stay at home.